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New Supplier Registration


2018 Vendor Update

If you recently received a notice directing you to this page to update your vendor profile please complete the following two forms and submit them to the email vendormaster@cpsenergy.com.

STOP: If you are here as a part of the vendor profile update directive sent via fax and/or email, you do not need to submit the New Supplier Registration outlined below.

New Supplier Registration Process:

Becoming a supplier with CPS Energy is an easy process. Our supplier registration system is intended for use by suppliers seeking to do business with CPS Energy.
Overview of Process for Prospective Suppliers

  • Complete the online registration.
  • Notification will be sent via e-mail that your information was received with two additional forms that must be signed and returned. Your packet will not be processed until this information is received.
  • During the evaluation process, if additional information is required about your company’s product or service you will be notified via e-mail.
  • Once approved you will be solicited on an as-needed basis for the services or products approved.
  • CPS Energy sends bi-annual requests to supplier contacts requesting an update to their profile information. 

Registration to our database does not imply a contract or intent to purchase by CPS Energy, but rather the opportunity.

Please be advised: SBA Business Questionnaires are valid for a period of one (1) year, at which time a new form will need to be submitted to supplierdiversity@cpsenergy.com

Required Information
Before you continue, ensure the following information is available:

  • General Information

              Company name; address/P.O. box; phone number/fax number; website address; and sales e-mail address (Required)

  • Remittance Information

              Company name; address/P.O. box; phone number/fax number; and tax identification information

  • Brief history of your company
  • Three business references

             Point of contact; phone number; and e-mail address

  • Company literature, brochures (PDF format or URL links)
  • Types of products and/or services provided by your company

               Previous projects (will be required for services only) - Company name; contact person; phone; e-mail address; project description; and completion date.

  • ·Please use the spreadsheets below to aid you in selecting keywords for non-stock, services, and/or products. (Page #5 of the Supplier Application)

              Non-stock Listing

              Service Listings

              Product Group Listings